Website homepage design for eCommerce website
Technologies used
  • CSS3
  • Figma
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe Illustrator

Bienenwachstuch is a child brand to a Swiss-based e-commerce family-owned company. The main product range of the child brand is focused on hand-made bee wax wraps.
The goal was to create a nice and friendly-looking home page to showcase some of the most important aspects of using the products as a replacement for the plastic bags for containing food and keeping it fresh.
After the draft was made, we starter implementing it. During this process, some changes were made the final result can be found on the e-shop website (lastly confirmed date the original design is December, 1st, 2021)

More projects

Stand for beeswax cloth wraps
  • Adobe Illustrator
Stand for beeswax cloth wraps

Design for cardboard made stand for beeswax cloth wraps distributed in retail shops

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