About us

About us
Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We know that every client has a different experience and expectations. This is why we have a flexible approach towards every project and aim to get into the goals and the key deliverables first.

Once we’re aligned, we rely on our year-long know-how and creativity to deliver a high-quality, secure, and fast software solution. We always stick to a transparent process and ease of communication along the way.   


It St Technology Ltd. was founded in 2010 and from the very first days we focused on making long-term relationships with our clients and delivering the best possible results. We grew instantly by continuous learning, broadening our portfolio, and expanding our operations abroad. 

We know how to 
manage your project

We know how to manage your project

People are different, businesses are different, and so are the projects and tasks. We work closely with all stakeholders to create the main vision and map out the stages.

The applied methodology depends on the individual goal and the project scale. Our team works in collaboration during the development process and constantly adapts it to match the specifics of the desired outcome. 

Focused on result

We can be flexible or stick to a predefined scenario, prioritize fast or be more adaptive, but we are always results-orientated. We pay attention to detail to define the exact steps of reaching or even exceeding your expectations.

Our team consists of young, ambitious, and highly skilled professionals, dedicated to their job and committed to achieving your vision!  

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